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Andrè Komatsu, subversive artistic practice that looks to utopia

In FuturDome in Milan large monographic on the Brazilian artist
Andrè Komatsu, subversive artistic practice that looks to utopia

Milan, 2 October (askanews) – An intense practice and, in many ways, based on an idea of ​​subversion which obviously becomes part of the practice itself. FuturDome in Milan presents the most complete monograph on the Brazilian artist Andrè Komatsu, with works from 2002 to today: a political exhibition that strongly investigates the very idea of ​​reality, as it is told to us.

“Mainly – said Komatsu to askanews – I believe that my work tries to create a sort of bubble of understanding of reality, I try to give a shape to this question about reality. Sometimes I use raw materials to create a real life feeling. I believe that art is one of the tools that can help us develop a new form of perception of reality. Art does not change the world, it is more tied to ideas “.

Ideas that, in the exhibition significantly titled “Ordem Casual”, random order, become traces of lives, worlds, places that the artist rethinks, sometimes in light of the architectural dimension, sometimes investigating the violence or corruption of the systems that inform the our life, but also our perception.

“Reality – added the artist – is not a flat vision, it is a sum of interfaces that together make up a reality, but each level brings with it information that is controlled, guided. So to understand the idea of ​​reality we need to understand the idea of ​​freedom and free will, which however in the world of capitalism is an illusion, as demonstrated by the paradox of a world that speaks of freedom for everyone, but, for example , prevents migrants from moving freely “.

The Milanese exhibition, curated by Ginevra Bria and Atto Belloli Ardessi, is also a reinterpretation of Andrè Komatsu’s methodologies, which starts from his residence in FuturDome in 2011 to establish a bi-univocal dialogue with the place that hosts it.

“When I was invited for this exhibition – concluded the artist and performer – I began to study space and I discovered that it was one of the last places of the Futurists and that it had been renewed, but keeping an idea of ​​free transformation, of free space. I believe this is the link with my work. “

A work that would like to make a contribution to reviving the idea of ​​utopia in the face of a world that Komatsu perceives increasingly dystopian, but which is also an opportunity to deal with a practice that, in the contemporary scenario, knows how to take charge of many interesting and lively methodological issues.